Friday 23rd of March 2018 Giovanni Bai presents HOTEL_LO_S_ANGELES, an art installation dedicated to the condition of homeless people in Los Angeles and to their minimal infrastructures of living.

«Los Angeles City and County has the nation's largest population of chronically homeless people, a federal study has found. 2017: 57,794 people are homeless in Los Angeles and that number is up from 23% from 2016» reminds us Terrence Sanders wile illustrating his Spare Change research 

This research, of which Terrence Sanders made me aware after my journey, confirms the impressions I gathered during my brief scouting expedition to L.A. as I was conducting a socio-visual survey on world metropolis. In this urban sprawl par excellence, the widespread presence of homeless people emerges visibly, especially in central areas as the Civic Centre, or in touristic districts such as Hollywood or Venice. Tents, encampments together with people sleeping on the ground with nothing (as also shown in the images of Spare Change), but most of all an entire population that pushes any kinds of carts, loaded with their scanty personal belongings or some paraphernalia to put on sale, in a fourth-world-like kind of economy.