Dal 24 giugno al 30 ottobre 2011, nel quadro della mostra collettiva Le Temps de l'Ecoute (Listening Time - Music and soundart on the French Riviera from 1950 to present) presso il Centro d'Arte Contemporanea di Villa Arson di Nizza, Jerome Joy presenta l'archivio del progetto Collective JukeBox (1996-2004), utilizzando lo stesso juke box (AMI ROWE 100cd) usato nella  presentazione al Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea di Cinisello balsamo (Milano) del 2004.
Per l'occasione sono stati realizzati un booklet e un poster (2mx1m)con le coordinate di tutti gli artisti che hanno partecipato al progetto, scaricabili dal sito.

Archive of the Collective JukeBox project (1996-2004), an audio project gathering recordings of sound and music works by more than 500 artists and composers. CJ is neither a playlist, nor a label, nor a personal audiotheque, nor a radio programme, nor a p2p environment, nor a podcast, nor a soundcloud, etc. CJ is a living pool and auditorium for sound and music creation and creators. CJ is a real and very mind-blowing and surprising juke-box machine.
« The French composer Jerome Joy has been concerned with building musical communities and with alternative forms of making music accessible. His "Collective Jukebox" project (started in 1996) involved building a jukebox that could play recordings by experimental musicians from around the world. He then asked people all over the planet to contribute recordings and to let their friends and acquaintances know about his open invitation. He did not curate the recordings; rather, he included everything that was sent to him. He wanted to create a kind of musical "commons," where information from anyone who wanted to participate would be available. The jukebox has been installed in a series of art museums around Europe for the past eight years, where its music is available for the public to hear and explore. Jerome Joy wants to create a place where people who are interested in listening to newer forms of sonic creativity can easily find that work. Joy's work is an example of a composer trying to establish a new basis for musical and artistic community. »
(Warren Burt, "Experimental Music in 2005", In "World Music Today")